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Thrive And Survive ANYWAY!!

Do we live to eat or do we eat to live? And who is responsible for preventing and maintaining our health? The government, the pharmaceutical industry, scientists, doctors – WHO? In these uncertain times of ‘health care reform’ there is little doubt that this country’s health care is in need of a total revamp.  But who controls what needs to be changed in that medical-pharmaceutical-health insurance system?

Individuals all over this country (the ‘little’ people) have a wonderful opportunity to turn that behemoth upside down and dismantle it by taking charge of their own health, and the more we know the better decisions we can make to protect ourselves. While the following information is not well known, it is extremely vital.
This article is written with the intention of inspiring you the reader to take the time to learn some little known information as to one of the most overlooked causes of disease in the world and how to take some practical and inexpensive steps to protect yourself on a daily basis.

In a television show interview “Know The Cause” hosted by Doug Kaufmann which aired February February 4th 2010, Ph.D. Pharmacist and military veteran Dr. Roby Mitchell said that purple foods like grapes, cranberries, blood oranges, purple cabbages, plums, and egg plants have a high amount of anti-fungal agents in them because these plants naturally try to survive in a high bacteria – high fungus environment.
Dr. Mitchell’s website can be found here:   He said the more we eat them, the more we are protected by certain natural agents known as proanthocyanidins.

Dr. Mitchell stated that for people who have cancer, the purple cabbage and the cranberry are the plants they want to juice because they have more of these anti-fungal properties than most other plants. He went on to say that they make a dramatic improvement in the reduction of fungal cells in the body and was careful to point out that we will never be able to totally rid our inward or outward environment of fungus because God placed fungus in the earth just like He placed flies, rats, vultures and mosquitoes in the earth to be “The Clean-Up Crew.”

In essence, pathogenic cells like bacteria, viruses and fungi are always going to be in our bodies at some level, but good health means that we maintain the right balance of normal cells versus pathogenic/parasitic organisms.  When we do what’s right for our bodies, our bodies are then ABLE to function better.  Who wouldn’t want that?

This doctor is one of many who outline what it means to “eat right.” Pathogens like harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites typically thrive in a low oxygen/high acid environment.  Regular physical exercise will increase oxygen intake and regular consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables are necessary to make the body more alkaline.

Roman Oncologist Dr. Tulio Simoncini on his website wrote an article entitled: “Bicarbonate Increases Tumor pH and Inhibits Spontaneous Metastases.”  In this article, he describes the successful results of his cancer treatments.  His method of spraying a baking soda and water solution at the site of the tumor through a catheter stops cancer dead in it’s tracks by increasing alkalinity in the body.

For more information, Dr. Simoncini’s article can be found here:  and the home page of his website can be found here:
In his book, “Cancer Is A Fungus” and on Doug Kaufmann’s TV show “Know The Cause” Dr. Simoncini contends that the cancer is not black as it shows up on x-rays, but it is white and he refers to it as an overgrowth of “candida albicans.”

In short, he says that cancer/fungus is able to proliferate in the body if the body is excessively acidic, that cancer can’t survive in a high alkaline environment, and this is a major reason why the tumors dissolve in just a matter of a few days with repeated procedures of bisodium carbonate exposure which actually breaks down the outer layer of the tumor and disintegrates it.

Considering the above, it only makes sense for people to eat fewer foods that promote acidity like high glycemic starchy vegetables & fruits, grains that are commonly contaminated with mycotoxins (fungal poisons) and sugars which feed fungus, and to eat more foods known to increase alkalinity like vegetables.  These are the elements of Doug Kaufmann’s Phase One diet that targets the starvation of fungus in the body.
Most all doctors agree that it takes 4-6 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables per day to stave off cancer, and apparently these are some of the reasons why this dietary strategy to prevent cancer works.

In his ongoing campaign to expose fungus as the most overlooked cause of disease in the world, on the same “Know The Cause” episode mentioned above, in his “News & Views” segment Mr.Kaufmann points out that various news sources cite diseases like cancer, lupus, cystic fibrosis and even balding as having the commonality of breaks in the DNA strands of certain cells and that the cause of those breaks needs further scrutiny.

Kaufmann then read an article regarding deoxynivalenol-induced cell damage.  According to the scientific reports, deoxynivalenol is also known as vomitoxin; a mycotoxin or by-product of fungus commonly found in cereals, wheat, barley, corn, and rice.  When given the environment of heat, warmth and moisture fungus grows in our bodies and the poisons they produce have been proven to break DNA strands in many different cells in the body.

This information can be found here.

Antibiotics are mycotoxins.  Brewer’s yeast and alcohol itself are mycotoxins, and there are many studies to suggest that alcohol and the occurance of breast cancer and other cancers are intimately connected. Can we put two and two together?

In their book “The Fungal Link To Diabetes” Doug Kaufmann and Dr. David Holland outline why they believe fungus is the cause of diabetes and the complications associated with it such as atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetic neuropathy and much, much more.

How is fungus entering our bodies?  Through the air we breathe, contaminated foods we eat – sometimes unknowingly, and especially through antibiotics.  Yes, antibiotics save lives by stopping bacteria overgrowth, but now that this fungal metabolite has set up residence inside our bodies, now what?

When we take antibiotics, they destroy the natural intestinal flora (good bacteria that we were born with) that keeps the bad bacteria (pathogens) at bay.  If we fail to replace the good bacteria we are supposed to have after taking antibiotics, this becomes a huge detriment to our immunity and pathogens have the opportunity to thrive.

According to the naturalistic doctors and dietitians, re-setting that crucial balance of good bacteria vs. bad bacteria in the intestines with probiotics (friendly intestinal bacteria) is essential to restoring and maintaining good health.

When we provide our bodies with the specific nutrients necessary to thrive, and we consume specific nutrients known to reduce pathogenic activity, the overgrowth of pathogens can be minimized and/or eliminated and the internal environment of the body gets cleaned up. There are many natural anti-fungal supplements available in the form of cinnamon, olive leaf extract, oregano oil, and more.

According to Dr. Mitchell, when we clean up our internal environment with the right foods- diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and Alzheimer’s “go away” because they are symptoms of a toxic environment.

There is some amazing information to be found at Doug Kaufmann’s website:  His television show can be viewed there and you can sign up for his free monthly newsletter as well.
“Let food be your medicine, and let your medicine be food.”  –Hippocrates

Eat Well & Be Blessed! –The Fount
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