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Olive Leaf Extract – Know the Cause

Olive Leaf Extract – Know the Cause
Since I have had a history of a fungus imbalance (Candiasisis), most likely caused by penicillin and other antibiotics throughout my life (not to mention candy, fast food and booze), I thought it would be good to take some anti-fungal supplements that are recommended highly by Doug Kaufmann, who has written many books on fungus, parasites and “mycotoxins”.
One of the things Doug recommends for “anti-fungal” support is Olive Leaf Extract.
I just ordered an anti-fungal support kit from Seagate
Olive Leaf Extract has been shown to have a number of benefits in addition to helping to control fungus, mycotoxins and parasites. It appears to have many other benefits such as for people who experience anxiety.
The booklet “Natural Relief For Allergies” talks about Olive Leaf Extract and is very impressive.
I suggest that you read it.
Almot every day I watch a show on TV called “Know the Cause” with Doug Kaufman and it has some excellent information. Among his views are that many of our ailments are actually caused by fungus and mold. He is not the only one that believes this.
Sure – it may be a hassle to find it on your cable system but why not watch it online!
Know the Cause – Today’s Show – now streaming:
Basically, in a nutshell, since the 1950’s doctors have been prescribing Antibiotics at an increasing rate. ANTI as in it kills bacteria. While it has saved some peoples lives, Doug and many others feel that the side effects of all this antibiotic use is that it is causing MANY other problems.
Mainly because anti-biotics kill bacteria of all kinds – bad bacteria and good bacteria. We need good bacteria and without it all kinds of things get out of whack.
Taking “probiotics” such as acidophilus, which helps get some the good stuff back in our bodies (it’s in yogurt) is a step in the right direction, but we also need to get out the bad stuff that came in. The main problem is that when the natural balance is out of whack from antibiotics and the bacteria that would normally help us fight invaders such as fungus, mold, parasites and other “mycotoxins” is not there – the bad stuff starts to thrive in our bodies causing cancer and heart disease and all kinds of problems.
In the case of fungus – it thrives on sugar and carbohydrates.
So basically – we kill the good stuff and open the door for the bad stuff – then we feed the bad stuff by eating lots of sugar and high carb foods.
It’s no wonder people get sick and have so many problems, not to mention overweight.
So, it is my mission to start being more aware of this and trying to get the balance back and get rid of the bad stuff that is living inside me. I’ll do this by eating food like garlic and carrots which help fight that off as well as take some vitamins and herbs that also help. Plus Doug Kauffman has a “low carb – low sugar diet” called the Phase 1 diet that promises to help fight off the bad stuff by eliminating sugar and carbohydrates for a long enough period to get rid of the invaders. Interesting stuff!
 More info like this at the Know The Cause site

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