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Fungus In The Human Body Part II of III

A Discussion About The Underestimated And Devastating Effects Of Fungus In The Human Body Part 2 of 3

In our first segment, Americans and people all over the world were challenged to make a paradigm shift in the way health care is viewed at the personal individual level with the question “Who do we trust to heal us, Man or GOD?” He placed the responsibility of health care into our own hands, and on judgment day nobody else will be held accountable.

Many doctors believe the body heals itself under the right conditions, and certain ones believe God gave each of us the power to be healed not only spiritually, but practically as well.  These are the ones who outline specifically what it means to “eat right.” These certain medical doctors advocate the consumption of natural supplements known to boost immunity, natural antibiotics, probiotics (essential friendly intestinal bacteria), essential fatty acids, minerals, amino acids, multi-vitamins, and more on a regular basis to promote and maintain good health.

And when it comes to defeating cancer, more and more doctors are using ‘non-traditional’ methods that deserve attention and consideration. On Dr. Simoncini’s website, he says that cancer IS fungus and his videos document how he literally shrinks and dissolves cancer/fungal tumors by spraying a baking soda & water solution on them through a catheter repeatedly over a period of just a few days.  He says this method works because fungus can’t survive in a high alkaline environment, and it is used very effectively in acute cases.
By focusing on the foods that we eat, TV show host Doug Kaufmann who has written several books on the subject and also believes that cancer is fungus says that his Phase 1 diet creates a relatively high alkaline environment to make the the human body more pathogen resistant.  This particular diet focuses on avoiding certain foods which fungus is known to feed on such as high carbohydrate/high glycemic foods like starches, pastas, and especially processed white flour and sugars.
Mr. Kaufmann has many testimonials from people all over the country saying that the Phase 1 diet and anti-fungal supplementation regimen has completely reversed their cancer tumor markers, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and a myriad of other health problems caused by fungus.
Due to his personal experience of having overcome a fungal infection he contracted while serving as a veteran in Viet Nam, and working with doctors who believe as he does for the past 37 years, Mr. Kaufmann puts the horse before the cart by properly educating us on the matter: obesity is not necessarily the cause of cancer, but rather cancer (which is a fungus) is the cause of obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and a whole slew of other ailments.
Backed by many doctors and medical science, Mr. Kaufmann reminds us that once on board, fungus is a very opportunistic and dominant parasite which causes it’s host to crave it’s favorite food: sugar.  How does fungus enter the human body?
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, fungus is ubiquitous (everywhere present); in the ground, in the air we breathe, and universally present in the air conditioning & heating systems of our homes and businesses – not to mention older buildings where roofs leak and flood damage has occurred.
And on his TV show “Know The Cause” which is found both on his website and on Christian television stations worldwide, Kaufmann almost daily and at least weekly quotes Dr. Ruth Edsel’s report in the Journal of American Medical Association (circa 2002) that the American food supply, namely the grain supply is “commonly contaminated” with fungal poisons (mycotoxins) because grains are typically stored in warm, sweaty silos: the ideal environment where fungus can grow.
During my own 3 month investigation of a systemic mold infestation story at Grambling State University’s main library in Louisiana, the laboratory results of a mold test kit purchased from a local hardware store confirmed the presence of penicillium and other fungi-offenders in the building’s HVAC system.  These air handlers are housed in the library’s basement where floods occur regularly due to ongoing ground water seepage through unsealed walls every time it rains for extensive periods.
After conducting some brief research on penicillium, we discovered it to be the fungus from which the antibiotic penicillin is created.  Antibiotics are another major conduit by which fungus is purposely and regularly consumed by unsuspecting patients who are seeking relief from bacterial and viral infections. Once fungus has done it’s job to kill bacteria inside the human body, it doesn’t just go away. Once on board in the human body fungus, just like in thousands of grain silos across the country, it has the ideal environment (warmth, moisture and a food supply) for it to grow.
Unfortunately, and some say by design most American doctors are not trained in the study of fungus (mycology) as major medical schools in this country don’t even offer such courses in their curriculum. And yet a vast majority of America’s doctors administer fungal metabolites in the form of antibiotics on a regular ongoing basis to treat human ailments, without a single clue that their patients are likely to experience side effects from the fungal metabolites their patients consumed.
Until these specific causes are acknowledged on a wide scale in mainstream media and by government health experts, we will continue to only treat symptoms and spiral downward health-wise.
In the meantime, there are many doctors out there who understand that among many factors, fungal infections and mycotoxins are a major underlying cause of human health problems. Even though they are often times ostracized and looked upon as quacks by the mainstream medical/pharmaceutical institution, a paradigm shift is occurring as more and more doctors, scientists and clinical nutritionists acknowledge truth that can no longer be ignored.
For more information and testimonies about the use of anti-fungal regimens to enhance health, please see our final segment Pt. III.
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