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A Discussion About The Underestimated And Devastating Effects Of Fungus In The Human Body Pt. III of III

This is the final of 3 segments that are designed to challenge the way people think about standard health care in America.  It is our sincerest hope that readers of this series find hope in new possibilities and increase their faith in God who is able and willing to help those who help themselves  when it comes to health care.

One of the most amazing discoveries in clinical nutrition today can be found in a little known natural supplement called beta glucan.  During an interview of the TV show “Know The Cause” Doug Kaufmann interviewed Frank Jordan who is president of the NSC Corporation.  Frank Jordan explained how his patented micronized version of beta glucan was shown in medical school studies to help the immune system recognize and attack fungal/cancer tumors in the body.

As Doug Kaufmann explains in his books, cancer is believed to be a fungal-human hybrid cell in which the DNA of the fungus unites with human DNA, and thus the human immune system has difficulty recognizing the tumor as a foreign invader as it continues to grow.

Mr. Jordan, who also believes cancer is a fungus said that this fungal-human hybrid cell forms a protective protein covering and that beta glucan strips away this disguise, thus allowing the immune system to activate.  Jordan also said that beta glucan enhances macrophage activity, and this gives our bodies the tools necessary to recognize, attack and carry away the invader.

Beta glucan is just one of many nutrients available to help boost the immune system and defeat cancer.  Many anti-fungals can be found in the vegetable gardens, kitchen cabinets and health food stores of America.  But one must be willing and open-minded enough to receive new information, and then apply it.

In September of 1999, about 10 years ago the Mayo Clinic announced that some 97% of all chronic sinusitis is due to fungus, but many well-meaning doctors continue to prescribe antibiotics (more fungus) to address symptoms and only make the condition worse.  This cycle can be stopped with a natural substance known as olive leaf extract which is documented to kill bacteria, viri, parasites and fungus.

The Seagate Company has an olive leaf extract nasal spray which I have tried, and found to be the most effective product I’ve ever used.  It put an almost immediate stop to my sinus problems, and I have not had any ongoing problems since. In addition,  just about every person I’ve ever referred this product to tells me the same.

My youngest daughter and my sister use olive leaf extract capsules to ward off flu and cold symptoms every time they feel something coming on.  Among many other things I do to stay healthy including exercise, I drink a mixture of olive oil and oregano oil (another natural yet potent anti-microbial) as well as consume a probiotic and liquid vitamin daily. I have noticed that my skin is smoother, toenail fungus and dandruff disappeared, acne disappeared, energy levels are higher and I very rarely get sick.

My son’s pediatrician prescribed antibiotics for various illnesses he had and we noticed an increase in the frequency of ear infections.  The more ear infections he got, the more antibiotics the doctor prescribed until we broke that cycle with Seagate’s olive leaf extract ear drop formula.

One time, my son developed thrush in his mouth which is a fungal condition, and the doctor prescribed Nystatin, an anti-fungal drug.  Shortly after his condition cleared up.  Not long after attending a new child care center, Little Daniel also developed a ringworm infection on his face and in his scalp.  His doctor prescribed a topical anti-fungal and a liquid oral anti-fungal named Griseofulvin to deal with what he believed was an internal systemic fungal condition.

When I researched the side effects of the Griseofulvin my son was taking, I discovered the same anti-fungal drug was being further researched by medical experts because it was shown to halt cancer production.
When I made this discovery for myself with a few simple mouse clicks and keystrokes, all of a sudden I could hear the voice of Doug Kaufmann pounding the point once again: “You and I are not scientists, but what does LOGIC tell you? If you swallow an anti-fungal drug and cancer doesn’t metastasize through your body, WHAT’S THE CAUSE OF CANCER?”

There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that anti-fungal drugs and specific anti-fungal natural supplements are the wave of the future of health care.  Incidently, Mr. Kaufmann states that many of the statin drugs being used to lower cholesterol today were  used in times past to kill fungus. The question now is even though such news is generally not covered in mainstream media, who will believe and receive such life-saving information?

Who will believe that God wants His people to be healthy and to prosper in every area of life?  Who will believe that God designed the human body to heal itself? Who will believe that God created the human body from the dust of the earth, and that same human body needs substances from the same earth to promote and maintain good health?

Who will believe that FUNGUS and the toxic waste products they produce are main underlying causes of many illnesses and that tens of thousands of people who have tried it say an anti-fungal regimen enhances health?

Now that this information has come to your attention, you have been challenged to consider and investigate the possibilities.  The Good Lord says “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.”  Unfortunately for some, such ignorance is willful thus leading to more unnecessary suffering and even death.

The time has come for God’s people to believe Him, believe the research, believe the testimony of so many who have had success in this regard.  Educate yourself, do the things that successful people are doing when it comes to natural health care and LIVE the abundant and prosperous life that Jesus promised.
Abundant Blessings Await The Faithful–

The Fount
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