Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Update of Blog

I've neglected my blog and have made the decision to resume posting information and articles again.

There were many factors due to my neglect:

1. I have had to move three times for various reasons which I do not wish to disclose at this time.

2. The pace of information, which I prefer to post, has made my head spin and at the rate of in which it is coming out so fast for me to keep up with and for sometime I felt overwhelmed.

3. Now is the time to pull up my bootstraps and get back into the fray, and post to this blog.

4. My heart (and mind) is back and ready to post the information the media is blacking out to protect our minds, health, families, and homes.

5. I have several issues going on within my life, on top of the above four reasons, and those will be covered in future forthcoming missives for reading and maybe learning material here.

As to those who have followed me in the past, or who have shared my posts on Pinterest, I wish to thank you for your support. In the past, I primarily posted health and environmental concerns, but now I feel the need to go further down the rabbit hole and post discoveries which - well frankly - concern me greatly, and will most likely concern you.

I only ask that you read what I offer and take it for what it is worth, if it helps you then great I have done what this blog is about, however if it does something else such as prepare you for what is, or may be, coming then great....just be forewarned that what I will be posting won't always be recipes, tonics and health tips. If you live within the USA then this is particularly aimed at those readers.

Thank you.