Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vintage Recipe - Lady Cake

Today's Vintage Recipe comes from an early Canadian cookbook published by Holt. This vintage recipe is from The Golden Age Cookbook by Henrietta Latham Dwight and was published in 1898.

Lady Cake

Half a cup of butter, one cup of granulated sugar, half a cup of milk, two cups of flour, two teaspoonfuls of baking powder, the whites of four eggs, and a teaspoonful of almond extract. Beat the butter and sugar to a cream, stir the milk into one cup of the flour and add to the butter and sugar, then the whites of eggs beaten to a stiff froth. Sift the baking powder and remaining cup of flour together, add to the other ingredients with the teaspoonful of almond extract. If baked in a loaf it will require three-quarters of an hour or more.

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