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Annunaki Diet Protocol

Disclaimer: I don't agree with everything in this post - but some of the information is very good and extremely informative to know. Read at your own risk. If you plan on taking advantage of any or all of the information in this article - you do so at your own risk.

Article By: Anunnaki

You may or not be aware of the Dawn of the Dead film from Universal Pictures released some time ago. Well whilst watching the first 9 minutes of this movie on a preview show on Channel 4 TV I had some thoughts enter my head. We know that the bible predicts we will all fall to the new plague which people like Dr.Leonard Horowitz talk about in such products as his Vaccine lecture. I highly recommend this tape and his work to start you off on your quest for knowledge. We all know who follow the Illuminati that they use the movies to communicate with each other. In this film people of the earth die and their spirits are trapped in dying corpses to stay on the earth forever. A strange plague they don't understand causes all this chaos and people are getting eaten for food by these zombies.

I believe they are either communicating the fact that the plague has begun or communicating that its about to arrive. I don't believe its just a remake because of the cult following. We know the Illuminati control EVERYTHING we see and hear on both TV and Radio! Everything you watch is to push and control you into situations. They've been gradually programming the populace from day one of the demonic Tell-a-lie-Vision. It was developed and tested when it came out on the Americans with great success and ever since used in their programming of the sheeple populace.

If you've read anything on Psychological Programming you will see clearly what is happening in this dark world right now. Most of the people in the western world at least are on drugs of various kinds from anti-biotics, cholesterol, Blood Pressure & ANTI-DEPRESSANTS. Most people in the Western world constantly watch TV or make TV part of their homes. People if they don't watch the
TV they have it on in the background for comfort. Therefore even without watching visuals they get the audio entering their heads. People here are constantly eating preservatives, additives & the dreaded Sweeteners. On top of this the Illuminati are poisoning us with Fluoride on purpose and even though countries like Australia are classing this as a poison we still get it here in our countries with no problems even when its taken to court. And now to make things worse we have the deadly radiation and DOR given off by Mobile Phone Transponders. People are walking around with little phones thinking they are important and hip and at the same time not realizing or caring that the Illuminati are de-populating them with their own wants and needs.

What is happening is what was trialed on people in mind control projects like MKultra and Monarch etc. They dope the populace up with drugs and chemicals so they don't care about anything and not allowing the brain to function correctly as it should. They then proceed to program people with visuals and audio which in turn programs the person to do or act in certain ways. A good film for this is Brave New World which is the best film I've seen for showing you the Illuminati and Vrils plays for New World Order. When people like myself come out of the matrix and programming they send you off to a place for re-programming in this exact way. Throughout the day we are being bombarded by TV with how they want us to act and think. Example of this are the increasing amount of Homo-sexuality shown as acceptable and although George W.Bush claims hes against this along with many of his buddies its a lie. George W.Bush has a bum boy who used to be a mayor of a little Texan town if I remember correctly and he goes with Bush on many trips and its well known. Also we know that many homosexual acts are undertaken at Bohemian Grove in California every summer for 3 weeks. Alex Jones brought us the first visual recordings of this meeting and a lot he kept to himself. Tapes from Bonesmen from the Skull & Bones like George W.Bush and John Kerry make many homosexual remarks and acts throughout their rituals and membership. More people have turned to homosexual acts and thoughts than ever. We are told its because its more acceptable these days so that is why we see more of it. The truth is that people are being programmed into it without them knowing. Children see it day in and day out on TV and grow up seeing its ok to kiss the same sex. People like Britney Spears, Christina & Madonna are excellent examples of this. I know of many new generation teenagers all up to it now. When I was younger it wasn't shown on TV and therefore only people who were that way or desperately wanted to try it, did it. Now more are at it!!!

Right now we are being programmed with fear and to accept the Illuminati and Vrils New World Order agenda. All we hear on the TV is Al-queda and Terrorism with scenes of Bombs and death caused by state sponsored terrorism blamed on various factions and groups most of which are fictional and others formed by organizations like MI5/6, CIA and the pathetic Mosad of Israel. In a test of
the populaces of both Canada and U.S they found people living almost together across the water but in both countries were totally different to each other even living close together. What was the difference? TV programming and viewing! TV in Canada is less violent and not always ramming drugs, violence & bad news like the American news. I might be wrong now as its been a while since that
report came out. Now the United Kingdom has taken the Stasi approach but England is more stealthier than America and Canada. As most people with brains know that it’s the City of London which controls everything the Illuminati do. City of London is nothing to do with England or United Kingdom its the Illuminati's base and has its own little government etc. From here they control the round table which controls all the factions like Council of Foreign relations & Trilateral Commission etc.

Apart from the usual chemicals in the air and what we eat etc I believe a great plague is here and something is coming very soon which will scare the world witless and de-populate the earth to the Illuminati's figures stated in their Georgia Stones. Chemtrails are being spread across the NATO world creating terrible diseases and spreading viruses, bacteria, mycotoxins & Mycoplasmas like what was used on Gulf War Vets giving them Gulf War Syndrome. People are coming down with respiratory problems the doctor’s don't understand and presume its Pleurisy and Pneumonia, which is hog wash. The Plague has begun and changes will start occurring now. The Illuminati create diseases mostly to cover their chemical crimes. It’s like Mad Cow Disease and how they use the phosphate chemicals they use on cattle for parasites etc. All the cattle that don't have it used on them are fine, all the unlucky ones that have are dead and having this disease. They then say it’s a weird disease and they blame prions from outer space etc. This excuse came for the scam called SARS! A lot of the symptoms of the December bio-weapon attack by the Illuminati creating Flu-like symptoms was very much like the SARS they talked about. SARS is a made up disease to cover the problems of respiratory flu like symptoms induced by chemicals from the air and however they spread them. Chemtrails cause Alzheimers and Parkinsons with the Aluminium content and guess what spreads after a good while of spreading? Yes the medical establishment spread that Alzheimers will be on the rise dramatically in the near future. In fact one place in Texas where a lot of testing went on with Air spraying they now say that your 1000x more likely to get Alzheimers than before.

Dawn of the dead is telling us what we already know! It is the dawn of the de-population and people are going to die in masses. People are now 1 in 4 likely to die of cancer and it will be 2 in 4 by 2010 they tell us. The microwave population is increasing this dramatically along with keeping us
down and subdued. A friend of mine who lives in a small village commented on his head when he enters my big city. He claims as soon as he gets within distance of here that his head becomes foggy and it also feels eery. This is absolutely correct and the microwaves are the cause of this. Everywhere
you look a damn transponder of death is being put up. They are targeting the populace with these weapons first developed in poor Africa again. They found that their larger versions called GWEN could kill masses with ease and were far too powerful. With this knowledge they proceeded to make smaller versions which turned into our so called phone systems. Their excuse for the amount of them going up is reception and more people using them which is hogwash. Look where they are strategically placed and near, where? Example is a school nearby for primary kids and there are other places it could have been positioned. Eventually these will be used more in your face as a weapon and will stop people in their tracks who are against the system etc. I suggest people study up on the good effects of ORgone on these towers and area. We need to put the good ORgone back and clear up this suffercating Dead ORgone. You can easily do this with ORgone generators based on Don Croft's work which is updated on the great William Reich. Why did they in prison William Reich for researching and finding this?
why did they assassinate him in jail? Why did they burn most of his books and knowledge? I mean an excuse like it wasn't real isn't good enough! Why go to these lengths if someones just lying? The Microwave towers are adding in keeping the chem-trails up in the sky by creating more DOR.

Some people claim all this is going on to make the populace ill and therefore making drug companies profits rocket. This is true in many ways but from the Illuminati this means nothing. The Illuminati own all the Gold, Platinum, Rhodium etc and always have. There is not enough Gold and precious metals
to cover the amount of money in this world which they would like you to believe. This happened with the last crash in the 30s where people wanted to cash in their certificates of Gold etc. There wasn’t any there for them and the certificates were worthless. Therefore why would the Illuminati be
interested in making money only from this??? They control the population and de-populate with money and with whats going on they don't make money. The only people making money are the Illuminati's puppets like George W.Bush, Blair, Clinton, Buffet etc. They aren't as clever as they think as they can't even see the big picture of the all seeing illuminists. Money means nothing to the illuminati as money is FAKE! Paper money is fake as hell and is only an IOU for the amount it’s supposed to be for. If you read the notes you find they are IOUs and Debt payments only. People dont get paid their worth anymore, as soon as Paper money arrived that was the end of money and fakeness arrived. Now we have the dreaded slavery credit cards lending money that doesn't exist and charging massive interest on it as well. Every penny lent to you is based on someone depositing a tenth or less of that figure in the bank with fake money to start with. Once somone deposits or takes a mortgage for 25,000$ then they can loan out 250,000$ or more. The figures are always computer figures and are deposited in your account on the screen for you to see. They never give you the cash and would panic if you asked them but especially if everyone had them loans on one day and asked for the cash. People get loans and just manipulate their accounts electronically and maybe only taking a little figure of paper fakeness out of the account. Why should you pay more on money which didn't exist in the
first place? WHY? So they can enslave you and make you worry about money all the time and get you to work which keeps their dirty system grinding like a cog. Dont be fooled by this money system and read books like The Money Masters etc! The whole system is a fraud and only the Illuminati and Vril win and all the others including the Freemasons etc are like us and pawns keeping this colony earth in its deep enslavement. Example of falseness is the Vatican and church! Promoting god and good yet sodomizing little boys, making children slaves during the war years & creating wars based on religion and power?!?! Pathetic world we live in! And all this time we are hidden the truth of the church and its following of the Occult and the Mysteries religion from Babylon! Watch all the
leaders of the united States of the CITY OF LONDON pray and dance round Moloch the 40ft owl from Babylon worshiping Baal and his whore mother Queen Semiramis! Queen Semiramis or Isis is the Statue of Liberty in New York and the statue in the River Seine in Paris France. The flame we are told is liberty is really the Eternal Flame used by the Illuminati used on many graves and assassination sites like Diana’s death place in the Pont Da L tunnel in Paris which was the graveyard and worship place of goddess Diana. Why is Washington D.C designed with occultist designs like streets making pictures of Moloch and pentagrams in perfect positioning to areas of Egypt and the mystery knowledge? Why do liberty bells really represent Baal?

What can we do to fight and save our lives:-

First of all we have to study all the information on Electro-medicine and healing to find the info we need to defeat the drug companies. There are many Vitamins, minerals & Enzymes we need to learn and healthy diets and education on products with proper information not false lies. The idea that Milk still is supplying calcium is a joke. Milk contains only a little amount of Calcium and the synthetic Vitamin D present in Milk destroys the calcium and renders it useless. The Illuminati rely on old knowledge to allow things like this to happen and no questions. Old milk did contain Calcium and just enough to stop rickets. This is known and people think its still the same today and forget about all the chemicals, super antibiotics & deadly growth hormones like HGF-1, PROSILAC etc funny how Prosilac is suddenly being supplied in less amounts to the farmers without given the real reasons why! Yes wouldn't surprise me if this isn't the cause of all the poor women getting Breast Cancer like a
Cold, although that could be another mycoplasma attack on us all. We need to get the right information and not lay blind and take this shit anymore! Time to wake up and care, dont just sit there and see your children die. They are taking your right to have children away from you poisoning your fertility with the likes of Prozac and Fluoride etc!

Below are the author's recommendations for health:-


Take large dosages far higher than the pathetic RDA levels which are useless. High dosages are very well known for therapeutic purposes. To fight disease high levels are needed especially with our badly depleted bodies lacking what we've needed for years. Most vitamins have very high levels of dosage before the slightest sign of toxicity is shown like 18,000mg or more! (18g). Study up on Vitamins and there usages and use books like Earl Mindells Vitamin Bible for all dosages etc as a good guide. Also the common mistake with people taking vitamins is that they want them to work instantly like a drug. This doesn't happen as it’s a natural process and can take at least a month usual three. A cell doesn't reproduce properly for up to a year and this is why this takes the length of time it does. Also unless you are cleansed internally your body will not take as much of the Vitamin in as it should. You might only take 30mg of a 60mg vitamin because the body is polluted and parasites are feeding on all the
goodness you put it. Cleanse up and watch them work quickly and notice the differences.

Here is some vitamins to take for Fertility:-

Vitamin B9 400mcg (Folic Acid)
Selenium 200mcg
Zinc 15-25mg
Vitamin E 200iu

General immune system boosting:-

Taken twice daily at the following levels
Vitamin E 400IU (start with 200iu then increase if flushes occur)
Selenium 100mcg
Zinc 15mg
Potassium 99mg elemental [If there are no kidney disorders]
Vitamin A 5000IU
Coq10 60mg
Gingko Biloba 60mg
Vitamin C 1000mg
Grapeseed Extract 60mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg
B-Complex 50mg
Acidophilus 36mg

You will see big differences if you continue long enough on this program above as its very effective and powerful.


If you have cancer you need to learn as much as you can and administer Vitamin B17 better known as Laetrile NOW! You need a minimum 3000mg of Laetrile and there is no known toxicity so more can be taken. Laetrile is far more effective as is Gravoila than Chemo and Rad without the killing of good cells. The powers at be keep this from us and fake tests saying it didn't work when it clearly did 9 weeks prior etc. High dosage Vitamin C has been found to aid greatly in this department also but best as Sodium Ascorbate. CoQ10 has been found to be very helpful with Cancer as has Selenium. The information is out there folks
but they are trying hard to not give you the hints and clues to go find it! Why do you think they banned B17 from stores and it can only be got from Mexico? They claimed the Cyanide issue! If you check it is only released at the cancer when the Enyzme is found and it doesn't affect us. Because the populace zombies know that Cyanide is bad they got away with this. I don't believe that a B17 deficiency is the cause of cancer because its Viruses, Bacteria, Chemicals and damage which causes cancer and determines the area it starts. Cancer is Trocoblast which is the body healing and is formed in the early stages of pregnancy! Because it’s a natural process Cancer is left alone by the immune system. The B17 once cancer is starting is needed in the body to stop it in its tracks. So therefore that isn't the cause of cancer but the cure. Also check out HydraZine Sulfate which blocks the liver enyzme which helps feed the Tumor its food GLUCOSE. Check out Cesium Chloride to destroy the tumor with high Alkalinity within days and destroy its acidic internals. B17 can be found in apple seeds, Apricot and Plum kernals and millet, the list goes on. Ufortunately we are not eating this stuff much at all now and therefore we dont get the nitrilosides. Animals instinctively look for this in foods and grase. All wild answers never suffer with cancer until they are imprisoned in zoos and mans feeding. Monkeys throw away the fleshy apricot and crack the kernal for
the rich b17 seed. Bears kill and rip the fleshy meat parts away to firstly feast on the stomach areas containing the rich nitriloside grasses grazed by the animal. Bromelain the Enyzme from pineapples is excellent for destroying the sticky coating making some cancer cells stealthy to Chemo and Rad! Take at
least 500mg to 1500mg if your suffering from cancer.


This is the very interesting part to healing with the most amazing results I've seen and witnessed! Firstly people need to realize that disease and illness are caused by the following:-

Although the powers at be have tried to keep this information away from the public there people are now finding the results are correct then it gets hushed up as usual. Electro-medicine and healing is the future of medicine and we will never have to worry about bacteria resistant drugs not working etc like todays
medical establishment do. Most the establishment haven't got a clue about this method of healing and are at least 80 years behind current rifers out there. Royal Ramond Rife was the pioneer of this healing after studying many bacterias and diseases and finding the specific frequencies that they resonanted at he created the rife machine. This machine would throw the same frequency back into the body for a given length of time. This acts like the opera singer and the wine glass, after a short time the glass explodes. What happens is
the frequency matching another enters it atomically and energy grows to a point it smashes. One scientist has proven that it’s a mini nuclear explosion which occurs! This has been suppressed and not believed by the tunnel vision establishment students and teachers. Poor Royal Rife after being recognized by the establishment for his massive achievements of curing no-comeback cancers was dropped like a lead weight and had all this work stolen and his microscope parts stolen and eventually they stopped his work. His micro-scopes are more powerful than todays and this was back in the very early 1900s! Its such a shame we are so backward for the add of control It makes people like myself want to cry at the torment of peoples illnesses and dying. Many times help could have been given but the programming from birth tells them no it wont work, it cant work i will not believe. The denial system built in from the birth programming is our downfall along with peoples lack of knowledge! Homosapiens as HUmans which they are called today were supposed to be given wisdom from the owl DNA, unfortunately they have ended back almost like the old days of control by Enlil and the Anunnaki. Lets hope another Enki comes to help humanity.

---------------Colloidal Silver-------------------
Everyone should use Colloidal Silver which is the most powerful anti-biotic+ there is in the world which also kills viruses unlike allopathic antibiotics. Nothing can get resistant to it ever and therefore can be used as regular as you want without worries. Anthrax, influenza, Thyphoid etc are no match for Colloidal Silver and the benefits and lists go on and on. Colloidal Silver can kill 650 diseases/organisms where as a modern antibiotic only kills between 16 and 32 and that number is drastically going down. Modern anti-biotics
Don’t kill the bacteria etc instantly they sit and wait for it to replicate and block the process etc. That’s the reason you have to take them for a good period of time of like 1-2 weeks. Colloidal Silver works instantly
as it uses electricity to do its guidance to the problem. All the badness such as parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungus, molds etc all shouldn't be in the body apart from the ones vital to health such as good bacteria. All these are negatively charged like the - on your battery, Colloidal Silver is positively charged! When Colloidal Silver floats in the body it gets attracted to the bad - charge like a magnet. If you put 2 magnets together - to - they push away, if you put the - near the + they slam together. It’s from here on that the silver disables the feeding metabolism of the organism and renders it dead without damaging anything else. Fine silver electrically charged has been found to regrow tissue and bone and was refound by the great man himself called Bob Beck who died not long ago. He was a pioneer with silver and the medical establishment gave him such a hard time. The establishment hates Colloidal Silver because its so cheap to make and anyone could make it within 20mins for pennies and never need doctors for minor problems etc every again. If it cant be made synthetically and expensively its no good. This was the problem with Gravolia and because they couldn’t make it synthetically for chemo useage they hushed everything up about the plant.

Ozone is created when ambient air is sparked by high voltage like when there's been a thunderstorm and you smell that fresh smell, this is Ozone. Ozone is one of the most powerful treatments there is and powerful enough to remove soot and tar from lungs as well as destroy HIV virus from the blood pretty quickly. Curing HIV and Aids doesn't mean you spring into action. If Aids has occurred through a low immune system not solely caused by HIV alone then curing the HIV virus still means sometimes up to 2 years recovery to rebuild the immune system.
Ozone is 3 parts Oxygen and Viruses, bacteria, Fungus, Molds, parasites etc cannot survive in a highly oxygenated body. Oxygen is life although the authorities tell you that its dangerous and oxidising causing free radicals leading to death, cancer and disease. Quite the opposite and the great Ed Mccabe is the man with the most knowledge on this subject. Ozone has been used for years in Europe for treatment of many ailments including HIV and Cancer
with great results. Most work has taken place in both Germany and Russia and its illegal to practice Ozone therapy in the U.S and some other countries dominated by drug profits of false money. Our bodies breathe Oxygen for life unlike plants which breathe Carbon Dioxide and release our Oxygen. The Oxygen levels have dropped dramatically over the years down to pollution, and cutting of trees and less plant growth to make room for dwellings. The eco-system of the planet is in a dire condition due to the cancer of Humans. Studies on people deprived slightly of Oxygen showed they never noticed and thought they were functioning correctly until showed different later on. This is whats happening now and people dont realise. Diseases are setting in due to the lack of Oxygen we intake. Our body is protected from the Oxidisation of the Oxygen and therefore the Oxygen destroys all the bacteria etc which shouldn't be present. The 3 part is highly reactive and goes off on a mission to destroy all badness in its presence and with fast and noticiable results. Some people make Ozonated Olive oil that gels up and helps get hard to reach intestinal parasites along with 3000-4000mg of Coq10. Generators are not expensive and cost from around 230$ upwards and some cheap ones like Sota Instruments WOZ4 are excellent. Please study up on Oxygenation of the body and its healing. It helps with Bowel movements and cleansing of the body.

The title of this article refers to this information! Zappers were created by Hulda Clark who is pioneering work based on Royal Rife's work has had tremendous health healing effects. This poor women in her seventies is still
getting hassles and court cases by the establishment trying to get her info suppressed. Unfortunately for them she has quite a worldwide following from people who know it works. She found that like Rife all bacteria etc
resonant and found many pathogen frequencies and parasite frequencies etc. She found by accident that a POSITIVE (yet again) current of only microamps killed most parsites, bacteria, fungus etc etc when applied to the body. The Zapper uses a square wave output visable on an oscilloscope and this helps with getting the penetration of the skin and body. She uses a 30Khz freqency for penetration although this has been lowered by many for deeper penetration for hard to read areas. Zappers need between 5-7 volts or higher and can be made by anyone with a brain that's functioning as a HUman. No one truely knows why it works but it does and very well. I presume all the parasites etc are attracted to the positive like with silver and then well that is up to the experts not me. This
method can kill alot of these really fast although some intestinal flukes and worms can still survive. Don Croft the inventor of the best zapper called the Terminator II along with its only official copy the Silver Deluxo from Africa recommends wearing this zapper for 24hrs a day for 1 month then at least twice a week. He claims that if the device is on this length of time it will get those hard to reach parasites. Don’s zapper works at 7hz which is an extremely low frequency with excellent penetration skills that get way deep into the body. It also has ORgone which is life force, Chi, Qi etc which is helped into the body with the addition of the awesome scalar wave creating mobius coil. This zapper is very portable and can be worn outside without no one knowing. People have
noticed many ailments disappear with zapping including HIV etc. HIV was found yet again to die when electricity is put anywhere near it. This was found again by accident at Albert Einsteins School of Medicine in New York and there's a patent on an AC current device for this purpose. Bob Beck yet again showed it could be done with smaller amounts of electricity and created the Blood Electrification unit, which has had many excellent results and is another form of a zapper. Whenever you go out a zapper like the T2 should be worn for protection especially if you suffer with pollen etc, this is exactly what Dr.Jeff utherland does.

----------F-Scan II--------------
Fscan 2 is a device classed as a class 1 medical device in Europe and it will have the establishment quaking in their boots. This device had a DIRP function which bombards the body with frequencies and records pings showing that frequency is present. The machine will even tell you most diseases and problems on its own little LCD screen. Many people have given reports on their friends etc after using this machine. One guy asked his friend if he had a flea problem and the guy amazed said yes. He knew this from the bacteria found in the mans
body which only comes from fleas. Another time he found a friend had swollen testicles as it came up testitis. A girl had Ovaritis come up because her ovaries were swollen due to the finishing of her menstrual. Another person suffering from Bi-Polar depression had the Tapeworm in his head known for this condition. Yes the doctors say its an hormone imbalance but whats the CAUSE???? Lets get to the root not replace hormones! Once the problem has been found then its a simple case of throwing that frequency back into the body for 1-3mins
which will explode the pest etc. Really longer treatments are necessary to stop reoccurance due to eggs etc. People are amazed at how quick, simple and the ease in which it is done. You can even find out what you WILL get in the near future just from knowing the contaminant and parasites that are present!

This device is similar to the F-scan but 3 times the price 12000$ but this device shows emotions, auras and tells you levels of vitamins etc all in real time with computer graphics. It was invented by a ex-NASA employee and
basically is an amazing tool in the right skilled hands. It is quite complex when auras and emotions are being used and so skilled people are needed in order not to mis read things. Things like entities attaching themselves to your chakra’s which is well known can be seen with this equipment.

---------Structured Water-------------
Water does retain a memory and they dont want you to know this either. Unfortunately for them some Israeli scientists have found that 1cc of water can store 1 terabyte of information destroying their lies of no memory. For water to do its job it needs to have a bovis of around 8000 unfortunately water from the tap is 6500 and below and very polluted. Distilled and RO water is even less but less polluted. Every one of the three still has pollution or some pollution due to the memory it holds. When water is structured by an external
machine it erases any memory left in the water. The Vitaliser Plus machine from Vortex Technology is a great and cheap way of producing structed hexagonal healing water. Structured water is found in the area you grow as a baby in your mothers womb. Structured water after birth is never given again unless you live in one of the FEW healing water areas of the earth. It slowly deminishes and problems arise in health from there on. Basic structured water on a Vitaliser Plus is anything between 20,000 and 40,000 Bovis well exceeding the levels for positive health. It also spins all the atoms to the left which promotes health and follows the spiral of the DNA. The water density is changed to hold the structure and it becomes a wetter water (thinner). This water hydrates the cells with ease and speeds up healing and metabolism rates. All this is proven in scientific tests conducted. The clusters in the water are reduced down to 6 per cluster instead of 15+ making the hydration easier. Magnetics are involved at high strength and a vortex is created to spin the water to the left like the healing river/water flows. Ionically charged minerals are also added to the
water like Coral Calcium etc.

What to eat and drink

Milk, Dairy, meat, fish, soda pop, coffee, tea, SOY, sugar & sweetners are to be removed instantly as is polluted water with Fluroides, Chlorines, arsenic etc. You should not brush your teeth with fluroide toothpaste and use only ones without and preferably ones without S.L.S Sodium Lauryl (or Leaurth) Sulfate or any name similar. Only drink fresh organic juices and purified water preferably energised/structured. Eat plenty of Citrus Fruits and the occasional Pineapple. Try to have 2 large servings of fruit and preferably Kiwis, Plumes, Oranges, apples and cantaloupe/honey dew melon. These will provide all the necessary Vitamin C and other essential needs. Make sure you eat plenty of green vegatable like cabbage (including boiled water), sprouts, broccoli etc along with not too many carrots (high on the glycemic index (sugar)). Eat good quality protein foods with a bit of carbs but not too much. I find the best for this is Linda Mc’Cartney foods from Paul Mc’Cartneys wife. Foods like Quorn are lethal with all their additives and Milk etc. Dont mix your Fruits with other food and allow time for food to be digested correctly.

Full Vitamins and minerals for awesome health

Selenium 200MCG
Vitamin E 800IU
Glucosamine Sulphate 1200mg
Coq10 120mg
Potassium 198mg elemental [As long as theres no kidney disorders]
Gingko Bilboa 120mg
D.M.A.E 260mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 200mg
Grapeseed Extract 120mg
Vitamin C 2000mg
Cod Liver Oil 1000mg
Vitamin A 10000IU
Zinc 15mg
Acidophilus 72mg
Spirulina 1000mg
B-complex 50mg
Calcium 1200mg
Magnesium 450mg
Vitamin D 800IU
Milk Thistle Twice
Asboryl Palmitate 500mg

Anunnaki Protocol of health

09:00 Firstly drink 1 8oz glass or more of Ozonated 5-10mins water.
10:00 Eat servings of citrus low glycemic Index fruit helping to Alkalise the body.
10:30 Take the above tablets once used to them all but half the amount about.
12:00 Eat what
13:00 You want. And drink
15:00 Drink 1 8oz glass or more of Ozonated 5-10mins water.
16:40 Eat what
18:15 You want. And drink
18:30 Eat your dinner.
20:00 Drink 1 8oz glass or more of Ozonated 5-10mins water.
20:40 Eat servings of citrus low glycemic Index fruit helping to Alkalise the body.
21:00 Take the above tablets once used to them all but half the amount about.
23:00 Use Terminator II zapper moving it around the body every 20mins is best.
00:00 Drink 1 8oz glass or more of Ozonated 5-10mins water.
01:00 Drink 200ml of 3-5ppm Colloidal Silver.

All these methods like Zapping, Colloidal Silver & Ozone can create Herzimer reactions if done very quickly. My information is a guide to helping you achieve my results and my system gradually! Do what you feel happy with at
first then progress but eventually try to match or better my protocol I use. Herzimer reactions are caused from the body trying to dump toxins and badness from the body too quickly and the body has problems in between killing and
clearing the problems. You can get nausea, dizziness, vomiting, fever, flu like symptoms! You just have to complete the course and eventually you will feel better than ever. Some people with Aids and HiV have felt like hell and almost thought same with cancer patients that they are dying. Then the changes occur and their health gets better than ever.

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