Thursday, November 26, 2009

Do you love something...

If you love something or someplace then let it know. Even in the economic times we are living in. If it is a favorite bookstore, book, or magazine - visit and buy something, subscribe to it, or rent a movie from your local liquor store vending machine - if you don't want a monthly subscription to the services on-line offering this. Better yet, go to a matinee, especially the out of the way independent one - show your support.

If you are a crafter then visit the fabric, quilt, yarn, or craft store - if you don't they may close, so show your support. I recently seen a number of independent thrift stores go out of business, one I had been go to on and off for a number of years - so sad to see it go. I found a lot of great treasures there, things you could never buy, let alone, find in today's marketplace.

Restaurant which you love? Go there even if once a month - keep them cooking!

Small Businesses- Use their services!

Buy Local Produce! Visit a Farmer's Market. You will end up spending less, and getting more for your money with better quality eats to boot!

In all honesty, I really believe that all the woeful economic downfalls are nothing more than fear propaganda and the news media just make it with their hype of EVERYTHING and this is nothing new. They seek to frighten people and everyone stops spending and then it is a self fulfilling prophesy.

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